We can help you with different types of accommodation depending on your budget. Moreover, we can also help you put together a side program (swimming, bowling, paintball, escape rooms, etc.)

All overnight accommodations are located within a radius of 15 km around the tournament. There is a chance that you will share the location with other clubs that are also active at the tournament.

Our formulas

  • Full board: 50 euros per person / night
  • Overnight stay with breakfast: 30 euros per person / night
  • Overnight stay (without meals): 15 euros per person / night

All overnight accommodations have facilities to prepare your own meals. There are plenty of supermarkets nearby for shopping.

If desired, we can also provide a bread meal (in the afternoon) and a hot dinner at the club. The price for the bread meal is 5 euros per person. Hot meal costs 10 euros per person.

Do you prefer to spend the night in host families? Please contact us about this at

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